Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pink Miniskirt Hottie and Careless Grocery Store Employee

Leggy Pink Miniskirt High Heel Platform Shoes Hottie

Pink miniskirt leggy latina chick with matching pinky high heel platform shoes. She has muscle toned well formed calves. Smooth legs with a bronze colored skintone.
Her name is Ana Maria Arauz and works as a household maid at a camping house of some powerful local political figures. Ana normally
Miniskirt high heeled platform pink sandals hottiedresses maid uniforms but today she is at the town purchasing some perfumes, clothes, bracelets and personal clothing accesories that will indeed be of necessity when working as a supposed house maid.
Intelligence reports that she likes old men and only speaks spanish plus some short sentences in english. She never got to finish elementary school, but the local landlord (and most powerfu one) helped her when she was sixteen. At age 24, she started assisting a night school in order to finish her elementary studies and a porter working at the camping house stated that she wants to be a veterinarian. Eventhough you see her dressed in such sexy clothings showing her body attributes here, it doesn't mean she lives like that. If you want to see the inset pictures with greater detail and many more similar pictures of girls like this one, don't forget to visit my Street Candid Pictures Warehouse Website at:

Lazzy Grocery Store Employee

Laziness has never gotten better than this. The woman on the left is a supermarket employee and the pink shirt wearing chick on the right is her little sister. They both stood there talking and gossiping about personal matters for more than an hour while during that time dozens of customers walked around them trying to shop for usual grocery goods. Careless grocery store female employee received an admonition for talking during work hoursHad this lady worked and served her purpose as an employee, customers would have at least felt some customer attention benefit from shopping there. But she didn't care at all with the customers neither her little sister.
I called the supermarket's chief supervisor and he assured me she will receive a written and verbal admonition for the records.

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Teila Day said...

I'm glad you told the manager about her lazy ass. She should've been doing more to help customers vs. jaw-jacking with her sister. I can't stand lazy ass employees. I'd fire her.