Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Booty Xmas Shopper Lover and Christmas Tree Babe

Shopping Booty Denim Chick with Lover

Nice ample butt latina chick wearing denim jeans and dressed with a beige colored kimono sleeved shirt shopping for christmas inside a department store with her lover. lover booty butt chick shopping cart department store kimono shirt beige mouth denim jeansThe guy, who is her lover, is currently married with 3 sons. He goes out with this delicious booty chick every 3 weeks during weekends because his wife is a flight attendant and is seldom at home with him. That is why he got this full time chick just for him so as to have some good quality and healthy company when his wife is absent from home. Some may call him unfaithful to his marriage, others may call him adventurous and heroic and even others (like myself) do not care and just try to present it to the public as it is. Delving into the primary subject, we can see that she has some highlights applied to her hair. Also, notice the double pony tails applied to her hair. The thin fabric of her kimono shirt permits the bystander to make out the outlines of her bra underwear. The shopping cart is half full of xmas merchandise and decorative object so this guy will have to shell out some hard earned cash this time in order to please and satisfy the shopping desire of his beautiful lover.

Abandoned Latina Chick with Christmas Tree

Petite humble latina young lady is standing in front of a christmas tree outlet store waiting for a taxi abandon left taxi cab christmas tree xmas lying wait minutes far home distant hip joint legs waist pantswilling to carry the christmas tree she bought to her house. Several taxi cabs stopped and no one wanted to take her tree to her home. On the lower right of the picture you can see the newly bought tree lower trunk lying on the floor all packaged and tied up ready for transportation. I never saw her leaving because after 15 minutes of standing beside her, I got bored and left her with the tree. From behind she had a nice buttocks but the lower left inset picture shows her hips and waist with a peculiar shape I have never seen. Seems like the bone near her hip is smoother than other women I have seen. Or maybe it is due to her tight pants that makes her look like so.

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Anonymous said...

need the pictures to be a little more clear

Anonymous said...

The guy who is cheating on his wife is a fool.