Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sexy Brazilian Street Girls and Booty Call Center Supervisor Woman

Sexy standing brazilian street girls with capri and miniskirts

Two black brazilian street girls with tight red capri pants, short denim skirts and shoulder exposing halters of different stamped colored designs. streetwoman streetgirls street tourist brazilian business store capri short skirt provocative sexy stance voluptuous attractive attention promote JaneiroThey roam around Rio de Janeiro begging for money from tourist and sometimes even flirting with tourists. They stand in public using sexy inviting poses and tight clothings.

Lots of european tourists watch them in order to fantasize a little bit. Nearby tourist stores even hire them to promote their businesses to the passing tourist by handing out paper flyer ads or just stand for a few hours in front of the business entrance with provocative clothings so tourists have their attention attracted to them AND into the business at the same time.

Call center supervisor woman with nice buttocks and thighs

Booty and busty orange shirt wearing brazilian call center employee woman just leaving her office. booty buttocks thighs butt orange short tight pants jeans employee supervisor brazil  office workplace call centerShe is the main director of the call center and supervises around 40 employees working at the call center.

Notice her roundy and tight to the body jeans showing the contour of her buttocks and thighs. She has permanent makeup in her face that enhances her lips, mouth and a retro70's style haircut.

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Anonymous said...

what is permanment make up? i never heard of it

Anonymous said...

Do you have any pics of her butt from behind? Those skin-tight jeans turn me on!